What is Your Networking IQ?

Do you wonder how you really rate as a networker?
Take this simple assessment to find out.

Do you have a prepared "elevator speech" that is flexible and versatile?
No, what’s that?
Yes, but I don’t like it.
Yes, but I use it only in business situations.
Yes, I have variations I use depending on the setting.
Do people comment on your business cards?
People love my business card because it’s unique!
What business cards?
I don’t think anyone has ever said anything about my business card.
Sometimes; they’re acknowledging my business.
Do you have a daily or weekly networking goal?
I do and I meet it about half of the time.
Absolutely! I have a networking goal for every activity I attend.
Are you supposed to have a networking goal?
I do when I think of it.
Do you regularly attend at least one networking activity or event a week?
I make it a point to attend a weekly meeting or event and schedule at least one other activity each week.
No, I hate going to those kinds of things.
I know I should, but I only have time for something once a month.
I belong to a networking organization that meets weekly.
Do you have a system for contact follow-up?
A what?
I have a system, but I’, not consistent in using it.
I don’t have a system, but I try to follow-up.
Of course and I live by it. It is the one thing I would bring out of a burning house.
Do you follow-up within 24 hours after a networking activity or event?
Who has time for that?
I follow-up on some people as time permits.
I usually follow-up within the week.
I have a follow-up routine I implement within 24 hours.
Do you regularly connect with people in your network?
I usually connect when I need something.
What’s a network?
I usually call or email when I think about it.
My network is categorized and I have a system for connecting with everyone.
Are you consistently aware of opportunities to network apart from scheduled networking activities or events?
It’s like a great adventure. I love seeing who I’m going to meet where!
I think about it, but feel like that’s being pushy.
I do when I’m in the mood to schmooze.
Why would I mix work with pleasure?
Do you always have your business cards accessible?
I can always produce my card without having to dig for it.
I don’t have business cards.
Sometimes I forget to check and make sure I have my cards with me.
I have my cards with me, but they aren’t usually easy to get to.
Do you make connections of people in your network with one another on a consistent basis?
I do when I think about it.
I hadn’t thought of introducing people I know to each other.
That’s not my responsibility.
I have people I work with who would benefit from others I know. I love introducing them to each other.
Do you have an attitude of giving first when networking?
Once I’ve gotten something from someone, I try to reciprocate.
I believe when you give first, something always comes back to you.
I thought the point of networking was to get referrals or new business?
Are you kidding? It’s all about ME!
Are you comfortable and confident when entering a room of people you do not know?
I know I will meet at least a couple of interesting people.
I go, but I’m really uncomfortable.
I would never subject myself to that!
I always try to get someone to go with me because I don’t like going to something where I don’t know anyone.
Do you have at least five appropriate questions you can ask in any social environment?
I never talk to anyone. I only go for the food.
Maybe having a couple of questions would help!
I usually just wing it.
I do. I find that it helps me to concentrate on the other person.
Do you have a team of trusted business professionals you refer others to regularly?
I’m not comfortable doing that.
I have a core group of people I recommend when asked and I offer when I see the need.
I will when asked.
I hadn’t even thought of that!
Are you always able to clearly articulate to others what you are looking for to expand your business?
I can talk to people I know about what I am looking for most of the time.
I’ve learned that people cannot read my mind. When I let others know what I’m looking for, they’re usually willing to help or refer me to someone who can.
What! Ask for help?
That is definitely outside my comfort zone.

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60 Congratulations! You’re ready for graduate school. The world of networking is evolving. Be sure to stay tuned to BizXplosion for your post-graduate and e-community experience.
59 - 50 Very good! You’re on your way to becoming an Expert Networker. BizXplosion will offer specific courses that will enhance your networking experience and help you increase your consistency and confidence networking.
49 - 40 Good job! Time to get serious about your networking education. Take a BizXplosion class and you'll be increasing your networking expertise before you know it.
39 or Less Time to get that networking degree. BizXplosion offers informative, interactive, fun courses, to introduce you to the world of networking.

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